We all have a stake in making sure that today’s children grow up to be productive citizens who are fully engaged in community life.  United Way of Greater Greensboro’s work begins with children starting kindergarten ready to learn.  Then we help children and youth achieve academic and school success while preparing them for college and career.


United Way of Greater Greensboro removes barriers and puts people on the path to financial stability.  We invest in programs that help people become more financially secure by learning how to manage their income, debt and savings.  We also help people gain the knowledge, skills and opportunity necessary for stable, family-sustaining employment.


Is there anything more fundamental to the quality of life in a community than good health and well being? Loss of jobs, reduced health benefits in the workplace, and the high cost of health insurance affect access to health care for many families and individuals. The health of children and youth can impact their educational success and job readiness, further impacting economic outcomes for them and for the community. By helping our neighbors overcome barriers and increase access to high quality healthcare and intervention services, we will promote wellness, better health care outcomes, and a higher quality of life for our community.


Did you know that 1 in 5 families in Greensboro live below the federal poverty threshold and that Greensboro is one of the most food insecure areas in the nation? There are families struggling to make ends meet. At United Way of Greater Greensboro, we are focused on breaking the cycle of poverty for families in our community. Together, with committed partners, generous corporate leaders and caring individuals, we work to address the root causes of poverty so that every individual and family can succeed.


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