What Do You Think Poverty Looks Like?

Forget your stereotypes. There’s no single way to visualize poverty. Poverty can happen to anyone.

You walk, drive by and even work with people living in poverty all the time. You may notice a few of them. But did you know locally, 57,000 people wake up to the reality of poverty everyday? That’s a lot of men, women, children and families. Some are homeless and hungry. Some are working and struggle to pay the bills.

The truth is, poverty impacts you whether you care about it or not. In fact, Greensboro’s poverty rate is 31% above the national average. This means higher crime rates and slow economic growth. High poverty rates do not attract new businesses or young professionals who will shape our future.

United Way of Greater Greensboro does not accept this and it is our goal to eradicate generational poverty. With your help, we can do it one person, one family at a time.

Get a glimpse into poverty

Try out the online poverty simulator above to see if you can make basic ends meet.

Find out what it’s like to look for local food and shelter.