United Way of Greater Greensboro and our Strategic Partners share the responsiblity for improving the quality of life in Greater Greensboro and providing effient and effective services addressing important community needs. While there are mutual obligations, UWGG and our partners have specific expectations of each other that contribute to the success of the relationship.

United Way Strategic Partner Logo Lock-Up

The United Way logo lock-up is our primary signature and should be the default signature for all communications, except in special circumstances.

This Strategic Partner logo lock-up has been created using precise proportional relationships. The white box forms an integral part of the United Way logo lock-up and should not be removed or altered in any way. This white box will not appear when the brandmark is placed on a white background. The logo lock-up is fixed artwork and should only be reproduced from authorized artwork. Please do not attempt to revise this on your own.

United Way brand pallette color options should be used in most circumstances. When no United Way brand palette color options are available, except for black, the Strategic Partner logo lock-up and tagline should be rendered in black. When no United Way brand palette color options are available at all, including black, the special use white lock-up and the white taglines should be reversed out of whatever solid color is being used.

To ensure the integrity of the United Way Strategic Partner logo lock-up, do not reduce its width to less than .75 inches. When no configuration of this lock-up is possible, use the alternate text versions of the United Way Strategic Partner logo lock-up.

In the event you need a different format, please contact the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at 336-378-6617.