Board of Directors and Committees

The United Way of Greater Greensboro Board of Directors (UWGG Board) is the governing body of the organization and provides leadership and governance for all community impact strategies, investments, financial management, and fundraising activities.

The UWGG Board has several standing committees which include:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of eleven members, including the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board, the President and CEO, and Treasurer along with other members as appointed by the Board Chair. The Executive Committee exercises the authority of the Board of Directors between meetings of the Board.

Staff contact: Michelle Gethers-Clark; 336-378-6600.

Board Development/Governance Committee

This committee prepares a slate of nominees for membership on the Board and elected officers of the Corporation.

Staff contact: Michelle Gethers-Clark; 336-378-6600.

Human Resources Committee 

This committee advises the Board regarding human resource and personnel decisions and related matters, including the periodic performance review of the President.

Staff contact: Michelle Gethers-Clark; 336-378-6600.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee review and recommend improvements for United Way audit procedures and audit reports. The Finance Committee shall also assist the Treasurer with the investment and safety of the assets of the United Way, as well as with other financial matters.

Staff contact: Michelle Gethers-Clark; 336-378-6600.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee develops United Way’s five-year strategic plan and measures progress on the plan.

Staff contact: Michelle Gethers-Clark; 336-378-6600.

Community Investment Council

The Community Investment Council reviews all applications for, conducts requisite due diligence in connection with, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for funding and allocation of United Way funds to United Way agencies, other non-profit organizations, and any initiatives. This Committee also provides oversight of the three Impact Councils chaired by Board members: Education, Income and Resources, and Health.

Staff contact: Frank McCain; 336-378-6609 or

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Directors and staff regarding marketing and communication strategies for United Way.

Staff contact: Michael Cottingham; 336-378-6617 or

Resource Development Committee

This committee will serve on an advisory basis to support the Campaign Chair and United Way fundraising strategy.

Staff contact: Michelle Gethers-Clark; 336-378-6600.


Actor Ernie Hudson at Cinespace Chicago. Photographer: Michael Becker
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