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When your company makes improving our community a top priority, you can also improve your bottom line. Because the money that’s raised here stays here, your support helps create a better-prepared workforce and better place to live for your employees. These are things that ultimately translate into better business results for you.

The range of services that United Way of Greater Greensboro and our Partner Agencies provide would not be possible without generous financial contributions from caring community members.

There’s no easier way to give locally than offering a United Way workplace giving campaign.¬†

Call us today at 336-378-6600 to talk with a Resource Development professional about how you can start a workplace campaign at your company.

Retiree Giving

Have you considered a retired employee giving campaign? Since a retiree can have their donation count toward the company’s campaign, involving your retired employees can boost your company’s United Way giving totals. Evidence show that retirees give a much larger portion of their income to charity than the national average – 4.5% to 7% compared with about 3% for the general population.