A Note from Michelle Gethers-Clark: Reflection and Action – Join Us on Friday

Published June 2, 2020-

Hello United Way Team, Board of Directors, Volunteers, Donors, Partners and Friends,

United Way of Greater Greensboro seeks to reflect with you and frame a vision for action linked to our humanity. While we are grateful for our blessings, we also share a common dream for our children to live a life of joy, good health and prosperity. Let’s assume we want the dream for ourselves, our children and our neighbors – call it “shared well-being”. Generally “sharing” is positive, generous, kind and filled with hope. The well-being of communities is not equal. The video of #GeorgeFloyd dying on the street in Minneapolis, Minnesota is tragic and inhumane by any standard.  

What are we going to do from here? 

A knee pressed against the neck of a man who is saying “I can’t breathe” is symbolic of the persistent knee on the neck of many communities. Our communities are telling us they are suffering, dying young and dying at higher rates because of insufficient housing, no full-service grocery stores, limited public transportation, dilapidated schools, no jobs, poor childcare, excessive incarceration, lead in the water, discrimination, limited access to good healthcare, over policing, and poverty.

The status quo, not listening, and our silence are inhumane. As a community, let’s create an action plan for shared well-being. This is the moment to act to ensure every person regardless of the color of their skin is viewed as worthy of joy, good health and prosperity as the path to shared well-being.

Here are some items to consider as we strive for equity, justice, and economic mobility in our communities:

  • Easy and equitable access to medical care and wellness services.
  • Internet access and WIFI service in communities with low income.
  • Ban-the-box on employment applications.
  • Universal pre-school for all children along with higher wages for pre-school teachers.
  • Increase available and stable housing stock for families with low and moderate incomes.
  • Eliminate the food deserts in Guilford County with full-service grocery stores.
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs linked to training and advancement for higher wages.
  • Vote to demand investments in public education – instruction, equity, teacher pay and physical buildings.
  • Equitable financial services, funding and contracts for minority owned businesses.

Please examine the list, add to it and identify areas of interest. Will you join us as we convene for action on Friday, June 5, 2020 at noon on Zoom (bring your lunch)? If so, please click here to attend and be a part of the solution.

With love and a personal commitment to take action,

Michelle Gethers-Clark
President & CEO 
United Way of Greater Greensboro

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