United Way of Greater Greensboro Celebrates 95 Years!

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United Way of Greater Greensboro Celebrates 95 Years!

On March 1, 2017, United Way of Greater Greensboro officially celebrates 95 years of improving lives and building a stronger community.
The founding of United Way of Greater Greensboro is traced back to The Community Chest, which officially launched its first philanthropic fundraising campaign in Greensboro on March 1, 1922.

Preparing for the Future

United Way of Greater Greensboro’s mission to improve lives and create thriving communities by mobilizing and uniting the caring power of greater Greensboro is being accomplished in innovative ways.
United Way’s visionary work strategically brings local resources together to produce opportunity, prosperity and positive futures for every child, family and adult in our community.
To place people on pathways of success, United Way creates partnerships that work together to reduce poverty by replacing handouts with opportunities to become self-sufficient.

United Way of Greater Greensboro Origins

1922: The Community Chest is formed in Greensboro
1942: Name changes to Greensboro Community & War Chest
1956: Name changes to United Fund
1969: Name changes to United Community Services
1974: Name changes to United Way of Greater Greensboro

The First Campaign

On February 1, 1922, the Greensboro Daily News announced local business owner, J.D. Wilkins, would lead a charge to form a budget campaign committee that would design and champion a citywide fundraising effort to support nine local philanthropic organizations.

Organizations included Board of Public Welfare, North Carolina Children’s Home Society, District Nurse and Relief Association, Greensboro Camp and Playground Association, Boy Scouts, Red Cross, YMCA, YWCA, and Salvation Army.

After a month of planning and ongoing newspaper publicity, on March 1, 1922, The Community Chest officially launched a citywide canvass to raise $85,000 in three days to support nine organizations with the slogan “A Community Chest – A Community Blest.”

An ad appearing in the Greensboro Daily News proclaimed The Community Chest idea was endorsed by the “best minds because:

  • The money needed for benevolence effort is raised in ONE campaign instead of in eight or nine.
  • With the financial problem removed for them, executives of the various organizations can devote their WHOLE attention to the WORK.
  • With a central organization, absolute co-ordination of effort is brought about, with no overlapping and resultant lost motion.
  • The application of business efficiency brings about economies and thereby produces greater results for the money expended.”

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