Celebrating Success: Willie’s Story

“I’ve always had a lot of goals, but I didn’t have the support I needed to accomplish them. Now I have everything I need to change my life thanks to the Family Success Center.”

Born and raised in Greensboro, Willie Tatum graduated from high school but struggled to find her footing soon after. Raising four children, Willie says she felt overwhelmed and desperately needed a support system.

Willie found that support system at the Family Success Center and says her path to success is now more exciting than she ever imagined.

Willie was one of the first members to enroll at United Way of Greater Greensboro’s second Family Success Center located at The Salvation Army of Greensboro Center of Hope.

United Way’s Family Success Center model addresses the needs of families living on low incomes by offering bundled services in one accessible location that are tailored to meet unique needs. Services focused on employment, education, financial capability, health and wellness and basic needs are provided through collaboration.

“The best thing about the Family Success Center is the relationships,” says Willie. “My coach and teachers help me break down my goals into smaller steps so I can accomplish them. My classmates always encourage me, and I encourage them too. It’s a family—really.”

Thanks to the Family Success Center, Willie is now employed and is saving more money than ever. She is already improving her credit score and is planning on buying her first home.

And thanks to the lessons she’s learned from the center’s budgeting class, she paid off her car less than six months after joining the center.

Willie is seeing improvements in her physical and mental health too. “I’ve learned how to ask for help and now I know that I have a team of people at the Family Success Center ready to support me at every step of the way.”

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