City of Greensboro and United Way Launch Annual Plus One Campaign

​Greensboro, NC (February 28, 2020) – The City of Greensboro and United Way of Greater Greensboro are pleased invite local businesses and youth to participate in this year’s annual Plus One summer employment campaign. Plus One seeks to create and identify summer employment opportunities for greater Greensboro youth ages 16-24.

In 2019, 17 employers hired 57 greater Greensboro youth for summer employment. The City of Greensboro and United Way are expanding the campaign to engage more employers and youth this year.

“Supporting Plus One helps to develop the next generation of our local workforce and economy. We want this campaign to surpass last year’s numbers. When employers partner with us it helps youth to discover employment opportunities, experiential learning, and invaluable job skills,” said Mayor Nancy Vaughan.

Greater Greensboro youth ages 16-24 are invited to attend a hiring event on April 7, 2020, from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Lindley Community Recreation Center (2907 Springwood Drive, Greensboro). Attendees must register by Friday, April 3, 2020, at

Research shows there are major benefits of summer employment including gaining work experience and supplementing family income. Summer employment for youth also has positive educational implications. Having a summer job can increase teens’ time-management skills, self-confidence and sense of responsibility, all of which help them succeed in life and in school.

“As an adolescent, I could not wait until I was old enough to get my workers permit so that I could work during the summer. I looked forward to buying my own clothes, going to the movies, skating rink and most of all having my own bank account. What I know now, is that my early work experiences provided me with a level of independence and pride that has been integral to my development into my adulthood. I am excited that we are calling on our community to join this Campaign to be a champion for youth in greater Greensboro,” said Traci McLemore, Senior Manager of Community Impact Initiatives at United Way of Greater Greensboro.

Employers are encouraged to join the support the Plus One campaign by adding at least one youth employment opportunity to their workforce this summer. Employers may submit summer job opportunities now through March 31, 2020.

Plus One employers will agree to the following requirements:

  • Hire a young person between ages of 16-24
  • Provide a wage of at least $8.00
  • Offer at least 20 hours/week
  • Position duration: at least 8-10 weeks (starting and ending on or about June thru August)

Employers are asked to submit their Plus One Summer Youth Employment Opportunity online using the Employer Form at Employers can also call United Way and request to be registered under the Plus One initiative.

Plus One youth employment opportunities for greater Greensboro youth will be posted on the United Way website and promoted throughout the community to reach youth most in need of meaningful summer work experiences. The website will list the company/business name; listing of positions with job descriptions; preferred skills; and contact information.

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