Family Success Center Member Serves Community at Cone Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

Before Mariah enrolled at United Way’s Family Success Center, her goal of earning her GED seemed insurmountable. Now with her GED and CNA, she’s helping her community as a Nurse Tech at Cone Health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I was just trying to survive with me and my son, I never would have thought that one day we would be thriving and I would be helping the community during something like this,” said Mariah. “I’m so proud of how far I’ve come thanks to the Family Success Center.”

Mariah tried many times to go back to school, but without a car and child care for her son, classes were next to impossible to attend. After learning about United Way of Greater Greensboro’s Family Success Center, Mariah enrolled in GED classes and received the transportation and child care assistance she needed.

Thanks to the Family Success Center, Mariah graduated with her GED, earned a CNA certification and is employed by Cone Health as a Nurse Tech +3. She is now enrolled in school to obtain her nursing degree. 

“Right now, I’m balancing working 5 or 6 twelve-hour shifts per week plus doing my online schoolwork. I am so grateful for the Family Success Center staff and my coach. It’s a feeling of relief when you have people in your corner,” said Mariah. “I know we’ll all get through this.”

When asked if she could tell Greensboro residents one thing about COVID-19, Mariah said, “Don’t take this lightly. This virus is serious and we all need to take all proper precautions to stay safe. Make sure you wash your hands and stay at home.”

United Way of Greater Greensboro’s Family Success Centers bundle services in one location and remove barriers by offering childcare and transportation. The nationally recognized model serves the entire family and is empowering people to become financially stable. For more information, visit

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