Giving More Than a Donation

Gregg Strader, UWGG Board Chair always greets people with a smile.

From a little boy on a basketball court to decades later serving his second term as our Board Chair, Gregg Strader’s experiences with United Way’s impact are foundational in his commitment to community.

Gregg currently serves as the United Way of Greater Greensboro Board Chair and has previously served as Campaign Chair. Gregg led our recent annual meeting where donors voted unanimously to welcome six new board members.

Gregg first got involved with United Way strategic partners long before he knew what United Way was. Growing up in a small town, Gregg jumped on the YMCA bus after school and played basketball with his friends. Gregg remembered a “jovial old man” who would help kids get on the bus to escape their normal day-to-day routines. According to Gregg, even a simple smile is as valuable as a donation.

As a Boy Scout, Gregg also remembers camping and learning skills that he attributes to being successful in life.

When reflecting on his childhood experiences Gregg stated, “Even at a young age United Way was impacting me without me even knowing. When I think about things that have been meaningful throughout my life, United Way has always been there.” These positive experiences are why Gregg remains committed to our United Way and its impact today.

Gregg recognizes the local importance of United Way’s focus on ending poverty. He says, “United Way is leading the way in strategically addressing local needs. It’s not necessarily just youth, it could be older people. It could be women in an abusive situations. It could be helping locate shelter and providing food. And it could be helping people earn their GED and get a job. Our local United Way is making sure people have what they need to be self sufficient.”

Gregg encourages everyone he meets to financially support United Way. But Gregg also affirms, “Giving is more than writing a check. There are very meaningful ways people can contribute with their time or talents. A wave, a smile, it all matters. If you just sit back and do nothing, then nothing will change. But if you get involved with United Way, be engaged and do your part, we can all make a difference.”

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