What is the Guilford Success Network?
United Way is launching an 18-month pilot project on June 28, 2022, known as the Guilford Success Network. Initially, the Network will launch with a set of core partners serving the Greensboro area and will expand county-wide over time. Guilford Success Network is a county-wide, mobile friendly network that connects people to services and coordinators who help them identify, track, and achieve their personal goals of becoming financially stable. Have questions? Contact Aden Hailemariam, Director, Guilford Success Network at aden.hailemariam@unitedwaygso.org

How will someone access the Network?
Network Partners will learn to identify people who may benefit from joining the Network and people who wish to join will be connected to a coordinator. After the pilot phase, people will be able to access the Network through an online portal.

What will the Network offer people?
People who access the network will be connected to services and supports that are focused on three areas:

  1. Work, Health & Income Supports – to stabilize people’s basic needs
  2. Education & Career Advancement – to help people learn skills and land jobs
  3. Financial Education & Coaching – to help people build upon their success.

Is there an even easier way to understand and explain what the Network does?
The Network connects services to make it easier for people to get what they need. The Network makes it easier for service partners to identify and address the full needs of the people they serve.

What does the tagline CONNECT, SUPPORT, THRIVE mean to people seeking services?

  • People will CONNECT to a Network that offers multiple services.
  • People will receive SUPPORT from a Network coordinator and service providers that work together for their benefit.
  • People will THRIVE by defining and achieving their personal goals.

Why does United Way believe the Network will be successful?

  • The Network is rooted in a service delivery approach that is often referred to as an Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) model.
  • ISD models connect people to multiple support services through sequencing and bundling so that people who need help can access what they need, when they need it.
  • Research shows ISD strategies empower families to achieve better social, economic, and health outcomes.

How will the Network track and report outcomes?
United Way and Network partners are committed to tracking outcomes and providing annual updates. Data will be captured during intake at all partner locations and will be stored within the Network’s virtual platform. Network Coordinators will update data at re-assessment points (3-month, 6-month, and 12 month-periods) as members work toward achieving their goals. During the pilot, the Network will measure household progress towards self-sufficiency. Metrics include:

  • Income
  • Educational Attainment
  • Housing 
  • Safety of Environment
  • Health Condition
  • Health Access
  • Employment
  • Work History
  • Money Management
  • Benefits