Investing In community impact: Lifting families out of poverty

“Being in this class really gave me some hope that I can do things better. I can be a good example for my kids and even to myself,” says Ashley in reference to a recent training class at United Way of Greater Greensboro’s Family Success Center.

This is the positive community impact United Way of Greater Greensboro is collaboratively creating in places where poverty is present.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services established the 2015 poverty threshold as an annual income of $11,770 for an individual or $24,250 for a family of four. Sadly, nearly 20 percent of Greensboro’s adults and their children live at or below poverty levels and need access to services that offer a helping hand.

This is precisely why the United Way of Greater Greensboro adopted “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” as its main strategic goal. Today, we are asking members of the community to make an investment to position more citizens on a path out of poverty. We need to raise $1.5 million by Jan. 31 in new gifts to match last year’s total of $11.1 million.

United Way understands that people living in poverty are more than statistics and that poverty is not linked to a single issue or need.

For 93 years, United Way of Greater Greensboro has been providing solutions. One example of a recent collaborative solution is the launch of a pilot Family Success Center in ZIP code 27406. This work prioritizes education, job training and financial management as signature solutions offered by 12 agencies under one roof serving an initial 100 families. Many in this program have identified abusive households, teenage pregnancy, lack of transportation, jobs and unsafe housing as their main challenges.

“I want to work and just need a chance” is a common statement coming from adults looking for employment.

As a community we are known for banding together to create social change and for helping our neighbors who are facing challenges. Hope is important to a successful life. Imagine that, for so many people there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, the broken light bulbs along the way make it hard to get a job, eat and take care of family.

Please help position more people on a bright road to education, employment and financial independence. Support community impact by contributing to United Way of Greater Greensboro. You can easily make a contribution at here, at 1500 Yanceyville St. or by calling (336) 378-6600.

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