Jumping In Head First

Written by Kacie Lynch, Marketing & Communications Intern

Two years ago this month Carla Banks became the Communications and Marketing Director for the City of Greensboro. With a heart for community, she began looking for opportunities to volunteer. She was involved with United Ways in other states and communities, and sought out United Way of Greater Greensboro. Carla was pleasantly surprised to see that her new United Way had a single focus: eradicating poverty.

She jumped in head first and started serving on two United Way cabinets: African American Leadership and Women United. Both of which have brought her closer to her new community.

“I think it is important for people to recognize opportunities that are available like African American Leadership and Women United because they specialize in areas where you feel like you can make a difference.” These cabinets, Carla explained, host events that are geared toward putting the spotlight on the issue of ending poverty and illuminate ways that the issue can be combatted.

Carla Banks Emceed United Way’s 2017 Handbags for Hope.

Carla says, “United Way of Greater Greensboro makes it easy to take resources and channel them where the needs are with the goal of ending poverty. One of the best things about United Way of Greensboro, is that the community can see the statistics, the research, the evidence that the money and time people are contributing are having a positive impact on other people’s lives. A difference is being made. There are tangible results.”

Carla envisions a community where people are actively working together to reduce poverty and celebrate the positive outcomes along the way. Thanks to volunteers like Carla, United Way is working on making that vision a reality.



Kacie Lynch | Marketing & Communications Intern


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