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Bohrer_Jason-200x3002014-15 UWGG Campaign Chair

Dana Carter of United Way of Greater Greensboro sat down with Jason Bohrer, chair of the 2014-15 United Way of Greater Greensboro campaign, to learn more about his aspirations, inspirations and leadership.
Carter: What inspired you to accept the request to serve as campaign chair?

Bohrer: I have been involved with United Way since entering the workplace. It was an honor to be asked to serve as chair and I enthusiastically accepted. Frankly, it is a scary job. So many in the community depend on us to be successful. I accepted because I believe in the mission of United Way, I enjoy the community engagement and am energized by the professional team I get to work with every day.

One of the great strengths of this organization is the fact that there are so many community members who hold the organization accountable. Community volunteers are the backbone of United Way and they are in the trenches. Because of that oversight, donors can give to United Way of Greater Greensboro in full confidence that their dollars are working hard for the community in ways that make the most meaningful impact.

Bohrer_Jason-200x300Carter: What is your aspiration for this year’s United Way of Greater Greensboro campaign?

Bohrer: Due to both local and national economic conditions, United Way of Greater Greensboro had a five-year run of declining fundraising. Last year, the team turned the corner and raised $11,000,000. Our goal this year is to continue the positive trend and raise more money than last year. In the long term, our aspirations are to be a $15,000,000 annual campaign and over the next few years we will do everything we can to get there. The more dollars we raise, the more people we can serve and lives we can change. All in all, that means a stronger Greensboro.

Carter: What will be your primary focus during the campaign?

Bohrer: This year we have a lot to discuss with the community. United Way has a new focus on reducing poverty in our community from the current shocking level of 20% of the people in our community. We have a highly professional team, loads of enthusiastic volunteers and loyal supporters. A key goal of mine is to get our message out to individuals and corporations that have not worked with us before, and begin to partner with them to make a difference in the community.

Carter: Talk to me a bit more about your background.

Bohrer: I have over 30 years of business experience in companies ranging from regional firms to global enterprises. My goal is to bring that practical experience to United Way to help make a positive impact on the community. I have spent a great deal of time in general management and finance, and can assure the community that United Way is a good steward of the pledges received, makes wise investments and measures community impact carefully.

Carter: What do you bring to the United Way campaign this year?

Bohrer: I bring an enthusiasm for our mission, a love of working on teams, a critical eye for the analysis of our activities, a servant’s heart and a goal of having a positive effect on the community.

Carter: What do you love most about Greensboro?

Bohrer: Greensboro is a very welcoming and caring community. From the first day my family and I moved here ten years ago it felt like home. We have an exceptional degree of volunteerism due to our collective interest in making Greensboro an even better place to live.

Carter: What do you wish others in our community knew about United Way?

Bohrer: The staff, volunteers and supporters of United Way care deeply about the community and have the goal to make a difference every day. For those of you we are currently not partnering with, please take a few minutes to learn about our mission, get to know us and then jump in… the water is fine.


To learn how to start a United Way campaign at your workplace, call United Way of Greater Greensboro at 336-378-6600.

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