United Way of Greater Greensboro Accepting Strategic Partnership Applications for Annual Grant Funds

New process allows organizations to align their services with two poverty-combatting funding opportunities

GREENSBORO, NC (October 28, 2022) – United Way of Greater Greensboro (UWGG) is pleased to announce it is accepting strategic partnership applications for annual grant funds to help local children, adults, and families leave poverty. This year the competitive application process has been updated to allow organizations the ability to apply for two distinct grants for program services that are Poverty Relieving or Poverty Ending.

Poverty Relieving grant funds are open to programs or collaboratives providing services that help people find and stay on pathways out of poverty. Poverty Relieving grants will be awarded to the following areas of impact:

  • Cradle-to-career supports to ensure that children and youth are hitting major milestones, from the time they are born until they find a career, on the path to leaving generational poverty.
  • Basic needs and access to healthcare services to address households’ foundational needs to keep them on the path out of poverty.
  • Financial stability to help adults maintain their progress and build toward self-sufficiency by safeguarding income and building assets.

Poverty Ending grant funds are open to programs or collaboratives providing services that offer clear ways for people to leave poverty by increasing and maintaining their annual household income above the federal poverty threshold. These programs will support United Way’s Bold Goal efforts to help 3,000 households leave generational poverty by 2030. Poverty Ending program examples include but are not limited to:

  • Services and supports that connect adults to jobs that offer family-sustaining wages
  • Skills and career development programing

Volunteer-led committees will review applications and select programs based on their abilities to produce defined outcomes that help UWGG achieve its efforts of the Bold Goal. This “open funding” model allows UWGG to invest donor gifts into local programs with proven solutions that help to end poverty.

Strategic partner grant funding will begin July 1, 2023. Application deadlines vary by grant. Grant seeker information sessions for each funding stream will occur in early November.

Interested organizations can visit www.UnitedWayGSO.org/Grants to access all grant information and register for grant seeker information sessions.


END LOCAL POVERTY: United Way of Greater Greensboro creates, connects, and leads community partnerships that equip and empower people to leave poverty. More than 57,000 people are living in poverty in the greater Greensboro area. In the City of Greensboro, one out of every four children, lives in poverty. Our strategy builds pathways out of poverty by: Helping youth transition from cradle to career, Helping adults land jobs and increase income, Providing access to basic needs and healthcare, and Bundling services that eliminate barriers at our nationally recognized Family Success Centers and innovative Guilford Success Network. With the community’s support, we will achieve our BOLD GOAL: As a community united in equity and lasting solutions, 3,000 households will leave generational poverty by 2030. The federal government defines poverty as a family of four earning $27,750 per year. According to local self-sufficiency standards many four-member households need to earn around $60,000 to meet basic needs without subsidized assistance. www.UnitedWayGSO.org

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