United Way of Greater Greensboro Announces Historic Milestone in Efforts to END Poverty

Greensboro, NC (June 7, 2019) – United Way is pleased to announce a historic milestone in its efforts toward ending poverty, as July will mark the first time all of United Way’s strategic partners have been selected through a new open funding process led by local volunteers.

Over the past four years, United Way phased in this new community impact model with the support of volunteer-led committees and strategic partners. In 2017, United Way adopted an open funding model which allows new and existing partners equal opportunity to apply for funding.

“We want to invest in programs and strategies that will yield the greatest return on investment for families with low income in greater Greensboro,” said Frank McCain, Vice President of Community Impact and Investments. “Our open funding model allows us to invest in innovative programs in a way that is responsive to our community’s changing needs all while remaining focused on ending poverty.”

All investment decisions are led by local volunteers who review grant applications and presentations by local nonprofits. Thanks to this approach, United Way has created a community-wide network of partners that provides a path to financial stability at any stage of life.

Moving forward, every year, local organizations will apply to join United Way of Greater Greensboro’s innovative network. And every year, local volunteers will select and fund partnerships that work together to END poverty. Grants are awarded on a two-year funding cycle and recipients must meet meaningful, data-driven goals to receive second year funding.

United Way is also working toward ending poverty at our Family Success Centers, where children and adults are receiving coordinated services in one location. Additionally, when someone in need dials 2-1-1, United Way is ending poverty by connecting them to an operator who offers local services that help.

This new holistic approach to ending poverty is working and United Way has the outcomes to prove it. Adults are becoming financially stable now and children have the proper foundations to be successful in the future.

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