VOLUNTEERS UNITED – Meet Jose and Yubi Sandoval

Volunteers are the heart of United Way, and are an important component in our mission to end local poverty. 

United Way is excited to highlight Jose and Yubi Sandoval, who are both on United Way’s marketing committee and have volunteered a combined 5 years in different capacities. Jose is also on our board of directors.

“We believe in United Way’s mission and the impact it is making in our community. We also appreciate the intentionality of working with other organizations to help one another accomplish their goals. We are both immigrants and have witnessed firsthand the power of community and feel that UWGG is great at bringing people and organizations together,” said Jose and Yubi.

Jose and Yubi say they volunteer with United Way because “UWGG’s mission of ending poverty seeks the root cause of why someone is living in poverty, and then works with them to break the cycle.”

They plan to continue spreading the word about United Way’s work and they strive to get more community members involved in the movement to end local poverty.  

Jose and Yubi hope to see all community members thriving, and to have resources readily available. “Growing up in rural NC, Greensboro really won our heart by welcoming us and being open and welcoming to the immigrant community,” says Jose. 

If you would like to learn more about United Way’s single focus mission to end local poverty, visit https://www.UnitedWayGSO.org/About-us/Our-Focus

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