VOLUNTEERS UNITED – Meet Rashanda Harris

“One of my favorite sayings is derived from the scripture Luke 12:48: ‘To whom much is given, much is required’ – it is a constant reminder that I am responsible for using my God-given talents, skills, and abilities to benefit others, said Rashanda Harris.

There is no doubt Rashanda has used her gifts in amazing ways to support United Way’s efforts to help the local community for over 19 years.

While working at Lincoln Financial Group, Rashanda has supported and chaired many functions of fundraising activities through her company campaign, volunteered during Days of Caring, hosted a trunk during Trunk-or-Treat, and been a member of Young Leaders Affinity Group.

And that’s not all…

As the nation celebrates Black History month throughout February, Rashanda’s latest volunteer role seems even more timely and impactful. Last month Rashanda began chairing United Way’s African American Leadership (AAL) Affinity Group.

“I am passionate about equality, representation, disrupting stereotypes and being an advocate for others and the work that United Way does allows me to mobilize my energy and enhance my commitment.”

AAL is focused on empowering and inspiring communities of color to lead community-wide change that ENDs poverty.

Rashanda says she volunteers with AAL because she “believes in the adage that it takes a village – collective effort matters!” She went on to say, “volunteering allows me to hold myself accountable for being a member of the village that supports and drives initiatives such as the African American Male Initiative for those in our community.”

She hopes to continue partnering with community leaders to turn United Way’s vision into reality by focusing on initiatives that lead to ending generational poverty.

And with Rashanda as the leader of AAL, that hope is fueled by a local leader with nearly two decades of United Way experience.

“I hope that we continue building resilience. Be the change we want to see by not only learning but living compassionately, promoting, and supporting equality, continuing to use our voices and remaining committed to giving and volunteering so that our community thrives.”

If you’d like to learn more about United Way’s AAL Affinity Group, visit: https://www.unitedwaygso.org/african-american-leadership/

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