Mentoring Matters: Marcello and Jeremiah’s Story

When Marcello discovered United Way’s Mentoring Matters initiative, it didn’t take him long to decide he wanted to be a mentor.

“I know helping others through mentoring is where I’m supposed to be. Mentoring has given me the opportunity to help youth succeed in the classroom and in life,” said Marcello.

United Way of Greater Greensboro’s Mentoring Matters initiative works to increase the number of local men and women mentors and improve the effectiveness of mentoring programs in the greater Greensboro area.

Marcello was paired with Jeremiah, a student at Lincoln Academy, through SHEILD Mentor Program, a member of United Way’s Mentoring Matters initiative. When Marcello visits Jeremiah they play games, journal and learn about each other.

“My favorite thing about having a mentor is that it gives me someone to talk to. I got to meet Mr. Marcello and learn how to be open to new people and ideas,” said 11-year-old Jeremiah.

Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic and professional situations.

According to the National Mentoring Partnership, young adults who were at-risk for falling off track but had a mentor are:

  • 55% more likely to enroll in college
  • 78% more likely to volunteer regularly
  • 90% are interested in becoming a mentor
  • And 130% more likely to hold leadership positions.

Many mentors say that the rewards they gain are as substantial as those for their mentees, and that mentoring has enabled them to:

  • Have fun
  • Achieve personal growth and learn more about themselves
  • Improve their self-esteem and feel they are making a difference
  • Gain a better understanding of other cultures and develop a greater appreciation for diversity
  • Feel more productive and have a better attitude at work
  • And enhance their relationships with their own children.

As a father of three Marcello says, “While I know Jeremiah gains a lot from our relationship, I gain a lot too. It’s taught me new skills to engage with my own children and I take those skills and techniques home,” said Marcello.

Why should you be a mentor? Jeremiah says, “It’s fun! You get to learn new things and be open minded.”

Jeremiah and Marcello are just one example of the how mentoring truly matters. Right now, there are children in our community waiting for someone like you to listen, guide and share your life experience with them. Click here to learn more about how to become a mentor.

Be sure to attend the 100 Males Mentoring event in partnership with the City of Greensboro on January 16, 2020. Click here here to learn more and RSVP.

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