United Way of Greater Greensboro Gives $500,000 to Virus Relief, Funding Requests Being Accepted by Community Taskforce

United Way Urges Community to Match its $500,000 Gift

Greensboro, NC (March 26, 2020) –The United Way of Greater Greensboro Board of Directors unanimously voted and authorized a contribution of $500,000 to the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund. The contribution is being made from United Way’s emergency reserve fund to support those impacted by the Coronavirus and the organization is urging the community to match its efforts.

United Way and City of Greensboro created the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund last week. To-date, the community has donated over $83,000 to the fund, bringing its current total to over $583,000. To make a donation, click here, or text the word “Virus” to 40403.

In addition to the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund, The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro activated its Emergency Response Fund last week and has raised $150,000 to support local needs and is coordinating with the United Way and City of Greensboro’s Virus Relief Taskforce on response efforts.

“This is one of the most difficult times our community has ever faced. The children and families United Way serves through its mission of ending poverty were already facing tremendous challenges, and now they are dealing with the significant and rippling effects of the Coronavirus disaster. The community needs us to step up and I’m proud to say United Way is contributing $500,000 to the local Virus Relief Fund,” said Kim Gatling, Chair, United Way Board of Directors.

As a board member and chair of United Way’s annual campaign, local business owner Bill Morrisette is asking the local business community to support the virus relief fund. “For years, Morrisette has supported United Way because it brings our community together, especially during times of crisis. Now, more than ever, we need our business community to come together to support the thousands of local people impacted by the virus. As a business owner, I understand what many local businesses and their employees are facing and I know we will get through this by helping one another,” said Morrisette. 

“We are One Greensboro from caring children giving their pennies to generous families donating in times of uncertainty, as well as, corporations able to donate thousands of dollars.  Greensboro community has a strong history of supporting one another. We are asking everyone in our community to consider making a donation to help the thousands of people in our community impacted by the Coronavirus,” said Michelle Gethers-Clark, President and CEO, United Way of Greater Greensboro.

Virus Relief Taskforce

Leaders from United Way of Greater Greensboro and the City of Greensboro have formed a Virus Relief Taskforce to begin reviewing and approving funding applications from local nonprofits that are providing services to children, families, seniors, homeless and small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus. 

The Taskforce is being co-chaired by Larry Davis, Assistant City Manager and Frank McCain, Vice President, Community Impact and Investment, United Way. The taskforce is also comprised of leaders from Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, Guilford County and community leaders representing six priority areas.

Priority areas represent:

  • Food insecurities, such as homebound seniors and families with children
  • Education interruptions, such as children in early Head-Start through postsecondary 
  • Employment reductions, such as reduced hours, layoffs and furlough
  • Housing vulnerabilities, such as rental assistance and shelters for homeless
  • Medical access, such as transportation or those in need of homebound supports
  • Business disruption, such as resources for the small business community.

Virus Relief Funding Application Process 

Applications and instructions for Virus Relief funding are available here and can be submitted via email to communityinvestment@unitedwaygso.org. All applicants will receive an automatic confirmation of submission after completing the application. The Virus Relief Taskforce will review and make approvals weekly starting April 2, 2020. Applications received prior to 1 p.m on Mondays will be reviewed that week. Applications received after 1 p.m, on Mondays will be reviewed the following week.

The Virus Relief Taskforce has developed a process that ensures ease and accountability while making funds quickly available to stabilize community members impacted by the virus. The Taskforce will meet virtually on a weekly basis to review and discuss applications and approve grants.  

Organizations that are selected to receive funding will be required to report use of funds. A reporting template and technical assistance will be provided with the award.

What Organizations May Apply 

The applying agency must be a local 501 (c)(3) organization providing services aligned with the priority areas to individuals directly impacted by the Coronavirus.

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