Greensboro’s Virus Relief Taskforce Issues Over $457,000 in First Round Funding to Local Nonprofits

Taskforce Urges Community to Support Relief Fund, Asks Nonprofits to Apply for Funding

Greensboro, NC (April 2, 2020) –The United Way of Greater Greensboro and City of Greensboro Virus Relief Taskforce is pleased to announce $457,356 was awarded to 16 local nonprofits to help people impacted by the Coronavirus.

The funds were allocated from the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund which United Way created at the request of the City.

To-date, the community has donated $725,345 to the fund, which includes a $500,000 gift from United Way’s emergency reserve fund and $108,000 that the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro has raised to support the fund.

To make a donation to the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund, click here, or text the word “Virus” to 40403.

“Once again the Greensboro community has proven we have the capacity to care for one another. Collaborating with United Way has been a win-win scenario. As Co-Chair of the Virus Relief Taskforce, it has been encouraging to see how quickly these resources have been identified and distributed to agencies offering essential services in this critical time,” said Assistant City Manager Larry Davis. 

“Thanks to the tremendous support of our community, and the collaboration of caring community leaders, we are excited to release our first round of funding to local nonprofits that are helping people impacted by the Coronavirus. We continue to ask anyone who can make a donation to please support the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund so that we can continue to help our local neighbors who need our support,” said Frank McCain, Vice President, Community Impact & Investment, United Way of Greater Greensboro and Co-Chair of the Virus Relief Taskforce.

“Our community is known for coming together to help neighbors in need,” said Tara McKenzie Sandercock, SVP of Foundation and Community Relations at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro and a member of the Virus Relief Task Force. “It’s wonderful that the community has been able to offer assistance so quickly.”

First round funding is being issued to:

Food Insecurities

  • Guilford Child Development: $25,500
  • BackPack Beginnings: $20,000
  • Christ United Methodist Church: $9,000
  • One Step Further: $11,000


  • Jalloh’s Upright Services of NC: $11,250
  • Faith Action International: $22,500
  • Nehemiah Community Empowerment Center: $48,750


  • Greensboro Urban Ministry: $63,750
  • YWCA: $12,000
  • Servant Center: $4,500
  • Salvation Army of Greensboro: $99,000
  • IRC: $67,500


  • YMCA: $24,000

Business Disruptions

  • Creative Aging: $13,656
  • Arts Greensboro: $10,500
  • Adult Center for Enrichment DBA Well Spring: $14,450

Virus Relief Taskforce

Leaders from United Way of Greater Greensboro and the City of Greensboro formed a Virus Relief Taskforce that is reviewing and approving funding applications on a weekly basis from local nonprofits that are providing services to children, families, seniors, homeless and small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus. 

The Taskforce is being co-chaired by Larry Davis, Assistant City Manager and Frank McCain, Vice President, Community Impact and Investment, United Way. The taskforce is also comprised of leaders from Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, Guilford County and community leaders representing six priority areas.

Priority areas represent:

  • Food insecurities, such as homebound seniors and families with children
  • Education interruptions, such as children in early Head-Start through postsecondary 
  • Employment reductions, such as reduced hours, layoffs and furlough
  • Housing vulnerabilities, such as rental assistance and shelters for homeless
  • Medical access, such as transportation or those in need of homebound supports
  • Business disruption, such as resources for the small business community.

Virus Relief Nonprofit Funding Application Process 

Applications and instructions for Virus Relief funding are available at The Virus Relief Taskforce is meeting virtually to review applications and making funding approvals on a weekly basis.

The Virus Relief Taskforce has developed a process that ensures ease and accountability while making funds quickly available to stabilize community members impacted by the virus. Organizations that are selected to receive funding will be required to report use of funds. A reporting template and technical assistance will be provided with the award.

What Organizations May Apply 

The applying agency must be a local 501 (c)(3) organization providing services aligned with the priority areas to individuals directly impacted by the Coronavirus.

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