Every year, local nonprofits apply to join our strategy to end local poverty. And every year, local volunteers select the best of the best partner programs that align with our strategies to receive grant funding. Last year, UWGG created 31 strategic partnerships and initiatives that are supporting 61 programs across the entire community.

But we’re not just raising money and passing it out – we’re ensuring your donation and investment is making a lasting impact! Check out a few of the outcomes your support makes possible below and be sure to visit our Success Story page to watch a few videos that bring these outcomes to life! Are you a details person…? You can see ALL of your most recent outcomes with full details here.

We’re also helping our community achieve a BOLD GOAL: As a community united in equity and lasting solutions, 3,000 households will leave generational poverty by 2030. With a local household averaging 2.37 people, when you help us achieve this goal, it will mean together we’ve helped over 7,100 leave poverty! Visit this page to learn more and see our latest BOLD GOAL outcomes.